Rigging is the science of taking steam, and creating machines that run off of it. They can create permanent magic items, and transitory gadgets that exist as long as the Rigger maintains them. It rose to prominence along side alchemy 200 years ago, and is still a developing science today.

The Rigger is represented by this class, but without the feature that lets them create magic items – see below.

They have the ability to qualify for magic item creation feats as a caster of their class level, and can create magic items as long as they can be justified by steam power (clear everything with the DM).

Steam powers most of modern society. However, many of its luxuries are not allowed for the common man. The most advanced steam devices that are available to public purchase are self transportation devices(STDs), such as steam horses and airships. There are also prototypes of steam suits, but they are few and far between. Trains are quite prominent, connecting all of the major cities.